What Should I Expect From My Financial Plan?

Our commitment to clients is a focused approach to financial planning. With this in mind, we leverage protection, savings and growth to achieve wealth optimization and asset protection.

Next, there are five steps to building a comprehensive financial plan:

  1. Current Status: we begin by gathering information from you to aid in our analysis. Information includes reviewing your current assets, liabilities and insurance coverage.
  2. Custom Plan: we develop a custom financial plan around your individual goals and targeted timelines.
  3. Recommendations: we develop recommendations specific to your financial plan.
  4. Integrated Solutions: we deliver recommendations that include integrated solutions specific to your financial plan. These solutions may include asset protection leveraging insurance vehicles, savings plans and investment strategies.
  5. Implementation: we meet and agree on implementation strategies based on your financial plan.

Once established, your financial plan is a living document that will change over time, just as your life changes. We meet with you, as often as is appropriate, to review and make adjustments to your plan, keeping you focused and on track.

At different stages of financial planning, we partner with clients’ other professional advisers such as estate planning attorneys and certified public accountants. If you are not currently working with such an adviser, we have built a network of trusted individuals.