Fees / Pricing

Financial Planning

    1. Annual fee equal to the greater of 0.5% of household net worth or 1% of annual household income subject to $1,200 minimum/$3,600 maximum annual fee (paid monthly by credit/debit card, client initiated bank transfer or quarterly by invoice).
    2. Hourly fee: an hourly fee ranging from $100 to $400 per hour.

Investment Advisory Fees

Our investment advisory fee schedule is as follows:

Assets Under Management Annual Rate*
First $500,000 1.00%
Next $500,000 0.85%
Next $1,000,000 0.70%
Next $1,000,000 0.60%
Next $2,000,000 0.40%
Over $5,000,000 0.20%

* Subject to a $625 minimum quarterly fee

Our advisory fee is charged in arrears on a quarterly basis based upon the value of the portfolio on the last business day of the calendar quarter.

AFS does not receive compensation other than investment advisory fees for portfolio management services. 12b-1 fees, commissions and transaction fees – when applicable – are retained by the account custodian (Schwab Institutional in our case).

Our rates for dedicated fixed-income portfolios are one-half of those illustrated above.

Our investment advisory fees versus others
Each year, Schwab Institutional conducts a benchmarking study of its registered investment adviser clients. The chart below illustrates our investment advisory fee structure versus those in our “peer group” (advisers managing between $250 million and $500 million).

Protection and Risk Management

Insurance coverage is an important component of a comprehensive financial plan. We review and analyze all of our clients’ insurance coverage as part of the financial planning process. When insurance products that we recommend are purchased, commissions are received by representatives of the firm who are licensed to sell life and health insurance products.

Project and Hourly Rates

Our services include project and limited-scope planning and analysis including the following:

          • Stock option planning
          • Portfolio analysis
          • Capital needs analysis
          • Insurance review and analysis
          • Business acquisition/sale analysis and advice

Pricing for these services is based on hourly rates.