Tax season is right around the corner and we know how tricky it can be to manage such a task on top of your other responsibilities. To help you get organized, this checklist  provides categories of documents you may need to gather to file your return. Feel free to use … Read More

Tech Tip ~ Adobe Scan App

We have a number of clients send us pictures of documents.  This can be challenging for both the sender and receiver.  The sender must contend with lighting, centering, sizing, shadows, etc.  The receiver does not always receive a document that can be easily reviewed or saved. A free app we … Read More


We recently shared articles regarding the importance of choosing the right people to fill essential roles when executing your estate plan.  Ownership (or titling) of property is another valuable aspect to consider. There are various ways property can be owned which also effects how property can be transferred.  In general, … Read More

Executing your estate plan: Choosing the right people

While minimizing taxes and planning for the eventual disposition of your assets are important aspects of estate planning, selecting the best people and/or organizations to carry out your wishes when you are no longer able is often one of the most difficult decisions. It is important to consider a number … Read More

Buy or Lease Your Next Vehicle

When it’s time to get a new vehicle, it is worth considering whether buying or leasing is the best option. This flowchart may help guide you or someone you know through the buying versus leasing decision. If you would like to discuss whether buying or leasing is more appropriate for … Read More

Bonus Pay for MN Frontline Workers

We recently received notice from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MN DLI) regarding bonus pay for COVID-19 frontline workers.  We thought it would be helpful to share and, although it may not apply directly to you, it may for your family members or friends. The notice states “To … Read More

Considerations when updating your estate plan

Creating an estate plan takes time and energy. It always feels good when the planning is done and the documents have been finalized. Like almost everything related to financial planning, priorities, assumptions, expectations, and relationships tend to evolve over time making it important to review your estate plan on a … Read More


Age is more than just a number when it comes to financial planning. Certain ages have implications for retirement plan distributions, while others are related to benefits you may qualify for. The table below may be of interest illustrating important age-based milestones. If you would like to discuss how any … Read More


Cyber threats and identity theft are risks almost everyone faces.  Most of us use personal data in one form or another to perform a myriad of tasks including accessing financial accounts, email, social media sites, online shopping, and other password-protected websites/portals/software applications. Criminals are well aware of this and are … Read More


Retirement income planning is one of the primary reasons people engage in financial planning. In most cases, retirement income planning is a two-step process: a long period of gradual asset accumulation leading up to retirement, followed by a long (hopefully) period of distribution during retirement. There are numerous strategies that … Read More

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